Welcome to The Star Program

The Star program is uniquely designed to enhance your dancer’s technical ability and provide specific instruction on how to perform in a competition setting.  These young dancers will become members of our competition team and compete with other dancers at the regional level. The skills provided will prepare your dancer with the necessary foundation to audition and qualify as a member of the Show Troupe Company!

Your child will be receiving a higher level of technical training then the recreational level classes. 

We look forward to you embarking upon this journey as future Show Troupe company dancers!



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?

The Star Program is open to any dancer who has the desire  to take their dance education one step further.  There is a sign up sheet at the studio and on the website

How are the classes different for Stars?

Advanced technical training is offered in tap, jazz and ballet. Additional choreography and rehearsals are required throughout the year.

How many competitions do the Stars attend?

One regional competitions in the Atlanta area.

How many dances will they perform?

The Pre Stars will compete one tap dance for competition and two dances (tap/ballet) at Recital. 

Kinder, Primary & Secondary will compete 2 dances (tap/jazz ) at competition, and two dances at Recital.

Are there extra fees involved?

No...However there is a small increase in your monthly tuition to cover the advanced technical training and  choreography.  

Why should I be interested in this program?

This program gives dancers the opportunity to grow and strengthen their body with the skills necessary for success. 


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